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Vc já tem o #YOUCAT? 15 respostas 

Iniciado por Abílio Gonçalves. Última resposta de Bruna Bianca 24 Dez, 2013.

Boas vindas aos catequistas! 15 respostas 

Iniciado por Sou Catequista. Última resposta de Joana Paulina Sieben Kretschmann 4 Mar.

Material dos catequizandos! 10 respostas 

Iniciado por Karen Daltio. Última resposta de Jullyana Dias 13 Fev.

Você conhece o #BOTEFÉ? Preparando a JMJ Rio 2013! 1 resposta 

Iniciado por Abílio Gonçalves. Última resposta de Abílio Gonçalves 16 Maio, 2012.

Igrejas 1 resposta 

Iniciado por Miguel A C Soares. Última resposta de Miguel A C Soares 12 Mar, 2012.

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Unfortunately, diabetes (type 1 and 2) and are often too these days. This is especially true in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, and this is where the rates of obesity among children and adults jumping with few or no signs of slowing down. Many of its residents have poor dietary habits, and a lot of them do not exercise, and in addition to that, many of them do not get good sleep so much. Of course, genetics also play a role in it. We have known for a long time…


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